Most commonly, people think that hackers only exist on internet doing cybercrimes. People thought that when they avoid using internet, they could in turn avoid encountering hackers.

The fact that people don’t know is that hackers can use some other devices aside from the internet to do cybercrimes.

According to a cybercrime expert, Ravedeep Sodhi, devices such as microwaves, pen drives and car stereo GPS can also be used as a hacking device by uploading a virus in the said systems.

In India, there was 90% growth in cybercrime seen. Sodhi said that the significant increase in cybercrime rate was due to people’s lack of awareness.

Sodhi added that it was 10 years ago when internet was used in hacking. At present, the hackers’ attention has turned to pen drives and microwave ovens. Several incidents of heart pacer hacking have been reported while an incident of a running car hacking was reported at the University of California. Later on, car stereo GPS has been used as a hacking device as well. In fact, from the time that a buyer gives personal information during online purchasing, the buyer’s provided information can also be misused by hackers.

Sodhi reminded that people should be more careful regarding cyber bullying and cyber stalking. Based on the gathered data, people at younger age are more prone to cybercrime. More often, minors aged 11-year-old onwards are more prone to cyber zone since they are more exposed to internet and usually innocent, making them possible victims of cybercrimes.

To avoid such cyber bullying, parents are highly recommended to keep a closer monitoring to their children’s online activity while drivers having a car stereo GPS navigation system in their vehicle must be extra keen in observing the system.

Some automakers that provide such car stereo GPS navigation system is the Toyota, therefore vehicle owners of such brand should monitor the device. If ever owners noticed something unusual with their Toyota car GPS navigation system or if they feel like their identity is being misused, don’t forget to take a screenshots and immediately report to the cybercrime cell.

Cyber bullying includes harassment or threatening through messaging or e-mails, social networking sites and cyber media.

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